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Students Launch Food Awareness Campaign in Church Hill

A passion for food, cooking and heritage led Gabrielle Tenney to attend a culinary institute before pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The VCU School of Business senior has found a way to merge her love of cooking and marketing in a way that serves others as well as herself.

In spring 2015, Tenney took a service-learning course, Marketing for Nonprofit, and realized she enjoyed working with businesses in the community.

The class “also had this definition of marketing that I really enjoyed that was ‘to influence or change behavior,’” Tenney said. “So for me, as a cook and a marketer, I think, ‘How could I influence someone to change their eating habits, to exercise—to do these things that you don’t normally want to do?’”

When she saw a service-learning marketing course this past fall that promoted food sustainability in the community, she thought it was a great opportunity to work on her mission, receive credit for it and work with people in the community. The engagement was incredible, she said. Community partners such as RVA Trolley, Challenge Discovery Projects, Environic Foundation International, 31st Baptist Church, 7th District Health & Wellness Initiative, Robinson Theater and Shalom Farms have provided invaluable resources.

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